Musik vergangener Monate.

Free Cake For Every Creature - »Talking Quietly Of Anything With You«
Club Night - »Hell Ya«
Dasha Rush - »Sleepstep«
Jlin - »Black Origami«
Childbirth - »Women's Rights«
Austra - »Future Politics«
Jay Som - »Everybody Works«
High Heels - »In 3rd Person«
Martha - »Courting Strong«
Nervous Dater - »Don't Be A Stranger«
Slaughter Beach, Dog - »Birdie«
Santigold - »Santigold«
Nice As Fuck - »Nice As F*#k«
Siriusmo - »Comic«
Sevdaliza - »ISON«
Shopping - »The Official Body«
The Spook School - »Could It Be Different?«
Tocotronic - »Die Unendlichkeit«